Joline's Journey PT 1

Lost little lamb

Today I woke up thinking what a great idea it would be to start my own blog

Not as skilled as I thought…. so sink or swim…

Hopefully you will enjoy the journey as much as I will, so big learning curve

Melbourne, it is good to be back

Today I listed some amazing clothes on my FB page: Designergal

I get so passionate about fashion… quite frankly if you aren’t making crazy money… I don’t know how you fill your wardrobe with it all

I have been blessed enough being in the modelling industry to have such wonderful people and designers that I can put some bits and pieces online

I haven’t personally been an active model for a little while now, decided to start a career in procurement, however have always been happy to assist the young ones in the right direction…

I will be working closely with someone dear to my heart to work on a possible fashion workshops..yay

In the mean time (while I am looking at the time knowing I should of gone shopping and maybe gotten out of my pj’s)  Rather just sit here and share my story…… but we have all the time

Starting a goal list…

Hit the gym hard, that’s one

Hoping in between time to make sure my inventory keeps up, answer any questions about the industry…. and of course once I have worked off all the Oreos I seem to not be able to stop eating…. Make it Part 2 of my modelling career and be there to give out advise wherever I can

You never know…this girl may just start her own agency….  I have a younger and older sister and I know i’d would want them in the right hands.


Now signing off,

Want to give a shout out to all those crazy people who told me to just go for it

All the crazy kids I was lucky enough to still watch grow up..Family

Yani, Scott Nailon, Tony Doherty and PapaD, Yani (I’ll buy you a red string) D for giving me the kick I needed and the support


Stay Boss


Signing Off,


Joline Lootsma















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