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Business, Body Building and Chapelle

So, I was meant to start writing a write maybe a few hours ago, but got a little caught up

This isn’t just Girl Talk… It all started with me wanting to join a group (remain nameless)and I have never before come across this but had to fill out a form why I wanted to join the group and another question.. felt like it was a job application?…

And why do you think you are suitable for this role?

I thought it was funny, I don’t remember what I wrote other then: I was curious..

Surprisingly approved?

Which brings me to Part 2… I was having a general scroll to see what the FB peeps were doing and there is a page I’ve liked a while ago and this is also very much in relationship to bodybuilding and competing… and there was an interview on the podcast with Mark Grech and him having an interview a person who has made quite the impact in the industry and respected by many and I hear have also had a great impact in their careers: FB PAGE: AUSSIE MUSCLE ASYLUM, Interview Post: Mark Grech Ifbb Bro

The post Mark announced who he was interviewing and to discuss the rumour of Chapelle Corby competing in this years nationals…  and any questions that anyone had to write them… but all the post weren’t relating to that at all?

So I wanted to know, in any case that this could be true (in which case I am seeking a sponsor to go up against her) how it would actually have an impact

I got out of the post and scrolled down to a friends page…. and had to repost it, as it stated: Dear Australia Media.  Re Chapelle Corby deportation from Indonesia.  We do not care…. Regards, Everyone.

Best post I have seen all day, but on a serious tip if  anyone wants to sponsor me to compete…  drop us a line

Signing off,

Joline Lootsma








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