Joline's Journey PT 1

Jimmy Bro passing it on Aussie Muscle Asylum 

Mark Grech did an interview with the legend Tony Doherty on podcast and was posted one of the most fascinating sites… Aussie Muscle Asylum..

Before I continue, I am obviously not a journalist, just writing about my day to day events and random stuff…

Ok, back to where I left off…Me thinking it would be funny to put it out in the world that if anyone wanted to sponsor me to go up against Chapelle not only would I make my mum proud (hi mum), I’d be totally open too it.. even just a street fight? Maybe get some bookies in there.. the rules of fight club.. there are no rules (that kind of style)… cage fight? who knows…it can happen… I mean if her sister can piggy back off Chapelle’s famous  interviews and get on the front off Ralph Magazine? The world literally your oyster

So, first off… Jimmy Bro, you found the blog and decided to post it on the Aussie Muscle Asylum page, what a legend, I personally decided to message Mark Grech (who I have never contacted or has heard of me and visa versa) that I wrote something on my blog site… and he told me about someone posting it…Love it

Aussie Muscle Asylum

Please check out the FB Page ( See link  ) I have only just taken a little interest into the BB Scene and I do owe that to rock star Vance Anger….. (who I am still trying to convince to listen to hip hop… Keving Gates Vince…..

I do have one request… can someone please tell me what the best dance studio is in Melbourne? for hip hop…

Sponsors still welcome… I think…

Signing off

Joline… thinking of my fighting name…. Hrmmmm…







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