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10000 ways to live. Choose ONE!

I know the saying goes: you have one million ways to die, choose one..

Why worry about dying, that limits us from actually living?

Why are we always seeking validation from someone who for some reason is important to prove something too, your accomplishments defines you and are you happy?

Are we doing is to make someone happy, whether it’s a partner or your mother, father, siblings or anyone who said you couldn’t make anything of yourself, why feel the need that we owe that to them to begin with? 

You only owe it to yourself to do whatever it is that makes YOU happy, and if you’ve inspired someone along the way… then that’s a wonderful thing, we have no idea the actions we take how it can impact on someone  or something we say or have done

Personally I can only be honest and say, I started this blog with the intend of talking about fashion and things us girls talk about… funnily enough I will be talking about it as it’s a passion of mine also, and not even one person turns out not to read this or comment or like it…. and that’s ok, of course it would be nice to have someone relate to what I am writing aboutIMG_1674

I wanted to write about this because I always used to seek approval, you know what…. I exceeded their expectations and then there was something else that wasn’t good enough

I never claimed to be an angel, quite the opposite, its taken me over the last two weeks of reflecting and being ashamed of things that have happened, that I’ve accepted and feels good to know that it doesn’t matter to me, why should it matter to you? If your morals are strong and humble the right people will eventually gravitate towards you,

On that note, social media can destroy you if you let it, I blog something and of course someone has something negative to say on the post…. that’s the responsibly I am taking writing that there’s always people hating on whatever it is you’re doing or saying

Can be that lady at your local shop that always has an attitude problem with you for no reason, how is that your problem? let them be negative.. smile and go about your day don’t get caught up in the bullshit

One Million ways to live…. Choose one

I choose to live not being so desperate being in control, that its worked against me

Living just letting life happen and be open to whatever and whoever comes with my way, handle myself like a boss


Signing Off,



Thank you for those who have been there

I appreciate my circle









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