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Bullying doesn’t stop at kindy anymore

Good Evening good people,

How is everyone doing this Sunday late afternoon?

NSW is chilly, sitting on my lounge socks, yoga pants jumper and head phones with a large mug full of tea that i swear has no sugar in it but I am too lazy to actually get up and walk to the kitchen 2 meters away???

Lazy much??

Its Sunday, that’s my excuse today….. Looking like:


While I am tying I am listening to Snow Da Product, she has some really good tunes I don’t mind listening too while I type away…

Okay, so little has changed since i last wrote… so no longer in Melbourne, I think it’s one of the best moves made for 2017!  First off I got see my mumsie, which I love… She’s such a strong woman with the right amount of crazy mixed in…. I think i get a little of my crazy from her….. wonder who is worse at times lol

So the reason I thought i would write is I started doing some video blogs…. so Vlog?

It started yesterday when we got a call regarding my little sister who got threatened at her work by a… wait for it… mother with her child?  what’s wrong with the world people?  I mean there is 14 years difference between my sister and I and if i got threatened I’d understand but she is such a beautiful soul it took my by surprise… ready to book the next flight over…

This lead me to do a little video about bullying, I have been a target at school I remember it well, and even at age 34 people think they can plaster nasty things about me on FaceBook… which to be honest… doesn’t worry me… what can people say about me that hasn’t been said already?  But i am 34, there are kids out there that just get targeted for some dumb reason most people don’t even know…. So please teach your kids to not be a sheep and follow what everyone else is saying about someone and to form their own opinion…. and also that it’s ok to stand up for someone that is getting bullied that you don’t agree with

And if you’re a mother or father and you think it’s ok to give a young girl hell while you’re with your child because you’re having a bad day…. maybe think about this….your son or daughter that you’re doing it in front of…. one day it may happen to them!

Anyways for those who haven’t seen my first piece of armature of Vid blog

Here is the link:  Joline talks bullies

I also did a video where I talk about what I promise I would talk about at the end of this video…

I will also be doing a Blog on it as my Iphone decided to cut my video short….

I talk about narcissists and how it is to be in a relationship with one and how crippling and alone you may feel, but you’re not….. that’s how they want you to feel

So that’s something I will blog about next

And Peoples, all my girls my boys please feel free to message me and ask questions or any suggestions are always welcome

I don’t claim to be a professional blogger whatsoever, just a girl telling my story…


As always, Stay safe


Signing Off

With love,








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