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Type A Narcissists…. They’re everywhere!

Happy Monday Crew,

How was everyone’s weekend, you know you can respond to these blogs in the little comment fields

I am always interested to know how everyone is going

So, finally we get the dreaded conversation about exes or if you’re currently in a relationship or have someone in your circle who is a narcissist, now i say Type A (For the obvious)

I remember wanting to leave my relationship months before and I was crippled by this feeling that I didn’t know how and that i didn’t want it to be ugly (turns out it was so ugly i kicked myself for not leaving earlier)

I am going on my own experience when I am telling you this story, none of it is made up…. this is part of my life (was part of my life)

I have been single for nearly 1 year, and have loved it….

It was truly hell the last few months of my relationship, i would come home from work with dread in my gut not wanting to go home… i worked he didn’t, we lived in a granny flat at the back of his mum’s property who hated me and left me little notes under the door like a child and had to come into the house and put her $0.2 cents in when no one asked her or abused me for her son calling her the C word or punching holes in the walls and doors….  he would abuse me the same way, weekly throw my clothes on the front lawn… meanwhile I worked and he didn’t, paid rent paid for food yet I was made out to have left him dyer straights

I was looking at every guy according to him, got isolated slowly from all my friends… and my family too, especially targeting my mother who we just found out had cancer and so slowed down her treatment, and my little sister he just targeted the people who i cared about most…. so it’s put a wedge between my family, but I take full responsibility because yet again I had to date a type A loser….

This cost me more then family, I lost my job…. he contacted me at work with threats I had to tell me manager, he then rocked up intoxicated in his ute with belongings that he smashed in front of the people at my work…. so yes I know how to pick the specials

Things to watch out for: over jealousy, checking your phone bills, questioning your every move…. uhm being threatened, being abused physically and emotionally

The funny thing is what you get accused off…. they are doing!!… Run for the hills….

And on the outside to others not everyone can tell, I had a few professionals we saw together pull me aside when alone…. you know in your gut that no one should be treated this way…. don’t wait for a good time as there is no such thing…. tell someone anyone so you have someone to fall back on or help when things get crazy

Mine didn’t stop till about 3 months ago…..

Police were called in and they did a report…. even though he broke conditions unfortunately and I am being honest af, he cried wolf… and being guilty by association he got the no contact order lifted and walked out while i know guys whose ex’s have lied and they did time….. so the system isn’t quite right

But i believe we all get what we deserve one way…. I am just living my life being happy and FREE…. and you can too… just take the leap….. there are plenty of us that are there to talk too

Please watch the video i made as the reason for this bog: www.clickhere

Again, thanks for reading


Much Love,

Signing Off,




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