Joline's Journey PT 1

Joline or Master Raven?

Happy Hump day Yo,

Okay phone down, crunch time

I have been asking someone I’d like to thank Tony about my blog, I needed direction which i knew  but had more of a “I will just talk about whatever happens in my life daily”

Other then scaring people ha ha ha, i know i needed to have that direction and I’ve known what i have wanted to do something, just needed someone to call a spade a spade and set me on my straight path, and for that he is great and he is a legend known by many so thank you Tony for that today…True inspiration with a “no bullshit attitude” which if you know me.. well.. need i say more?

This is video part one please watch it and i will continue: CLICK ME

I started modeling age 14 when my mum entered me into the Dolly model search and became a finalist, that was no returning for me… I lived in Melbourne and was signed to Chadwick Model Management and from fashion week to commercials to campaigns, faces of companies travelling and winning more competitions from Marie Claire to Calvin Klein to commercials it really was a roller coaster that ended in 2005

Now I am 34 years old, and i have my mum in one ear saying: you’re too old there is no way…

I mentioned previously of a bad relationship I was in and he did not allow me to go back to modelling, i now am single and in NSW where I have some beautiful friends who are still doing it!!, and more gorgeous and beautiful as ever (Jill and Lauren) you know I am talking about you girls!!

And follow what your heart wants, don’t let people tell  you NO, you can’t or NO you’re too old… remember, that’s their opinion and unless they’re experts who are they to tell you NO? there’s plenty of us that tell you YES!… and I am here to help answer any questions

This brings me to the next part, I went to visit  two gyms today and a dear friend of mine Sam Mendleson has kindly offered to transfer his membership over to me… so big thank you and shout out, people are there willing to help when you least expect

Vance Anger, or Vance Power as I’ve decided suits better, I have done part two of a video

Everyone please watch:  CLICK ME

So my aim is to train and to strip some weight and tone as I would love to get back into modelling (if they would have me back)

Now, Vance I am considering training for possibly seeing if I can walk besides these fantastic looking woman with so much discipline that it takes and the hard work

I really will need to start looking into nutrition and what supplements and training plan I need to even breathe the same air as these powerful amazing woman and maybe transform into the name you gave me: Master Raven

One more video, this is my first official weigh in ( please remember I did it at the worst time, evening lol


Now I guess this is me signing off,

To those who said “NO”

I don’t care, limit yourselves but not me!!!

Dedication, determination and focus and the right people around you to point you in the right direction (always a bonus)

God knows i can use that,


Again Tony, Vance, Sam, Jill and Lauren thank you


Signing Off

with Love,


Joline AKA Master Raven 







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