Joline's Journey PT 1, The Journey

Day one… now you see…. OMG

Hi Peoples, your pets and bikes.. cars.. you name it

Everything has been going wrong, murph’s law right?

So yesterday evening around 6 ish I was writing my blog did the videos some piccies, but then  my wifi decided to play dead? thank you internet and my phone then my laptop… god bless technology?

So a little later I will blog my go fund me, I have sat and thought about it and uhm’d aaahh’d thought no, then yes then no… I don’t want to be a charity case but I believe everyone needs help and I am not going to be to be too proud to ask, because when I start doing okay I am going to put money aside for a young girl that would like to pursue modeling but needs help with her portfolio (its not cheap) or if she would like to blog and has potential then help someone also get closer.. so pay it forward 🙂

Please see facebook: Joline Lootsma or

And that’s my promise, and I don’t break promises

Ok since i am writing two… omg my next one is also about being stalked??? (yeh i know)

Ally Shehata who is a yummy mummy and has a fantastic page on Facebook about losing that baby weight, now I don’t have kids but she has fantastic foods and fun videos so hit her up


Brekky yesterday, with scrambled eggs ( which i took a photo off but all my technology wont work together so i took a pic but wont show up?? so frustrating.. I feel like i am working with dial up!!!


Okay so I will post my weight and some video’s for you guys

Reads 72.1 guys.. AHHHH (i know i know)



So if you have clicked on the above “click here” you will see me talking a little


So that was meant to be last night’s blog…

Now i shall continue with today’s

Stalkers and all…. life is fun people… live it!!!

As always, be safe

Signing off


With Love,










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