Joline's Journey PT 1, The Journey

Stalkers need hobbies & being Master Raven….

TGIF am I right?

First off, for some reason my hyper link to my videos aren’t working?

Then again my laptop doesn’t work properly, this web site doesn’t my phone and wifi don’t either ha ha…. i love trying to blog!!!

CLICKHERE  (See video)

I have had some reactions regarding my Gofund me page, this isn’t something i favored at first, you do have to swallow some pride putting a price for help out there… now everyone can have their opinion (reasons that were on my con list) Yes get a job… I got it, cheers…. I have been having some back injuries I’ve had my L3 L4 disc prolapse and L5 slip… therefor i am doing physio and gym and strengthening my back and  hoping to get back into modelling, in the meantime i don’t have an income and will work (just got to NSW) and my profession is Purchasing Officer so i haven’t been cleared for work yet but am actively looking anyway

Back to what this is about…. I struggled today I am totally craving food all the time 😦


Banana smoothie, one banana some milk (little bit of honey)

Lunch was a Veggie Lasagna



I think that video says it all people… I am honestly starving…. so for dinner i am having something light… I need to research what to eat, or anyone feel free to help, OMFG what did i start??

#Iitstartswithus is something I came up with during a YouTube cast, It doesn’t belong to me, let it belong to us…. Like the neighbourhood watch program, let this be that online…. Post it on your wall if you support it… in the end….. #ITSTARTSWITUS!

As always, keep safe

Signing Off,




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