Joline's Journey PT 1, The Journey

Sunday is for Mayhem

Hi Peeps,

Hope you’re all warm and cozy in your homes

First off quick shout out to Shane whose being a soldier, hope the ankle get’s better bud

Secondly, thanks Sam got the papers, you are awesome

Lauren….. girl I love you

Ok, so quickly if you have a daughter who wants to get into modeling… please watch my videos that are about what precaution you should take…. main rule GET INVOLVED!!, there is no such thing as over protective when your 15 year old is popping up on these ‘models wanted’ sites that people prey on!!, if your teenager male or female wants to model these days and you say no, they will find away!!

Get 100% behind them and take them to agency’s…. OK to be blunt even if you in your heart think he or she will not be accepted, you may be surprised as YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT or worst case she or he will hear it from professionals and you can go to more then one agency

There are agency’s out there that specialize in commercials and your prince or princess may just be perfect for a commercial 🙂


Please bare with me as i am working with out dated and crappy technology

Get a job? glad you asked so GOFUNDME is up and running, got one donation… WOOT thank you… so goood, lots of shares…. and really appreciate the shares

Some off you may know i have found out some bad news about my back that’s limiting my working and I have to decide whether to undergo surgery…. I don’t have the funds so no i wont do it and keep chasing this modeling dream… and keep blogging with crappy tech until maybe one day i make my goal myself…. and i look forward to helping those who can’t get there either.. seriously, people donate $2 each for someone that can change a life.. i can’t wait to change someone’s life that’s what’s driving me….


Okay so modeling, its hard work not all glamour and champagne… nope its being told you’re too big or not right for what they want a LOT, so you have to grow a thick skin everyone or it’s just not for you… and I’d never if i have kids would out them through unless they really really wanted it and i’d be like: stage mum but not … the over protective “if you don’t pick my kid i’ll key your car” type of mum …WHOOPSIE


Ok so last one.. perfect example

Someone (and i get plenty) first off blamed me for him costing his job

I do not know this person… please…. be really careful, some people  are just out right bored and internet trolls

Now just because people are in the public eye doesn’t mean we aren’t going to not say nothing when you’re being out right judgmental and a pig!!… so i don’t know what people get out of this but it is just lame and soooo old!!! like in my previous blog, get another hobby… give me the knife….. please……

replace knife with WIFI

This is  fun video…

upside down…. yay for me… seriously i need a new laptop and software and stalkers…these ones I DON’T LIKE


As always

Keep Safe

Signing Off,







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