Joline's Journey PT 1, The Journey



All you sexy mama’s out there, Hola, hello

Its is my single sexy free moment, I have officially been single for just over a year now!

Say whaaaa…. Yes no it’s 100% true

Let’s not go with cliche MRX let’s call my ex MR J (clever right?, for the ones that know me) People as if I miss the cuddling and the closeness… sad truth is, if it’s anything like my last exes’s then I am good!

My question to all the readers out there s ( I am sorry but especially  single ladies) to try these app’s where you wink or slide or … double click (is that even a thing?) should I be trying that too now?



Now I haven’t checked this out or downloaded it, but as an experiment, and because i can because i am single I am going to download this link:

Happn, it is called, i have seen adds on Facebook and really still am trying to grasp the concept of cyber dating 

‘Still have to get my head around dating, Honestly the way men are (there are a few exceptions) oh wait no i just texted one something that was important to me and is response was:HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

am sorry how rude, I am actually offended,  not even a thank you for the shirt design… Whatever.. yeh whatever 

Yes, thats’s what i want to hear after telling you something important to me… NEXT, not putting up with that… Forever whatever… (Top Blokes i am meeting)

And some guys online, the minute you turn them down they become worse then us girls when we missed our fave show because the footy is on!

See slim pickings for the prince on a white horse, oh lucky me

Or the ones that just send you message quoting #sendnudes ? Yes, Rhys I am talking about you

So, I am downloading the app “Happn” tomorrow morning, and i shall share my journey with you… I am a little nervous as I haven’t even read what it is about or what I have to do?? Coming in hot.. and blind in this case

What is a date again??

What does one wear??

Oh I will be talking about that but I need all the help… Sisters lets get together

I will report back tomorrow

I will go to the gym with “Happn” all sweaty and gross I doubt anything will happen”

I have followed this brand on facebook that makes gym clothes, I have officially become obsessed

I think I am their facebook stalker! I watch from afar…. i can’t afford it

I think something will defintly happen with happn wearing that

Here is the link:

As Always,


Keep Safe

Signing Off








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