Joline's Journey PT 1

How to be single, am I good at it?? NO!

Happy Hump day yet again (and no not doing that literally right now, hence the title)

Happy (I actually checked my calendar to see what day it is) Wednesday people….

How to be single, and good at it?  That was meant to be the title, but i well and truly need a handbook.  It’s been over a year now (Self Five)

I went to the gym today, did a thigh, butt, abs class (I think) and halfway through I wondered “why am I trying to kill myself?”  Oh that’s right…. single and your back injury and did I forget to mention SINGLE?

How daunting to so many people that word “SINGLE”  is? WHY?


I think I am better being single then in a relationship… the app “happn” agrees.. no clicks or winks or whatever it is called, ok to be fair I have only been to the gym and home and gym and home… that is so sad… no wonder “happn” isn’t happening, hey I actually don’t know how to use it…. that’s my excuse!!

I saw some good  looking guys though, I am way too shy……

I need a handbook for that also (if anyone can help?, thank you) my contact details are provided!!…

Ok, so just quickly #itstartswithus is going great, this is not a charity (yet)… #itstartswithus is a name I came up with during a YouTube cast and it stuck (and boy did it ever)…. watch this space….

I am the slack one that needs to interview more and format it all, but again I am trying to do many things at once and none turn out they way I would like… kind of like ‘organised chaos’ (that is pretty much me on point)

“Joline it’s called focus”?…. (just a quick – note to self momentum)

If anyone is interested in #itstartswithus please let me know….. I am happy to have you tell your story  My email

Ok people,  don’t sweat the small stuff, Love you and have to leave you

Signing off

With Love, 






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