Joline's Journey PT 1

Why Choose modelling?

Modelling 101, things that I think you need to know,

I was online yesterdays and a girl was asking for directions in the modelling industry, she was a pretty girl and had a few photo’s up of herself and some measurements too


I have been out of the industry (can you ever be out?) for a few years now and started age 14 when my mother entered me into the Dolly Magazine competition and I got into the finals, that is where I met Miranda Kerr (I remember sending each other snail mail) Pia (played the cop in neighbours) claudia schiffer, Silverchair and so many more, it really is an amazing industry to have been part of, and the knowledge gained I always want to pass that along


Winner’s of The Myer Centre International modelling Competition

There was someone on Facebook trying to give advice (I am sorry but seriously there are some people that tend to misguide the young ones) and responded with the WORST ADVISE EVER, so I decided to give some pointers in response to his post

I encourage these workshops  they’re a lot of fun and you meet new people


Modelling 101

If you want to get into modelling here are a few basic steps I think are important to know.

When you get paid for a photo shoot don’t ever tell the photographer what to do, it’s kinda rude and unprofessional and you really don’t make friends in the industry that way

Never ‘use’ anyone also unfortunately you are replaceable… and depending on your age (if you’re 18 and above) go with your gut feeling as to who to befriend or not (I personally met some lovely people way back and still talk to them today, some are some have become life long friends

Just quickly, when I said “do not use anyone” I was referring to the post that was up on the weekend on Facebook and said to think of people as tools and to use them?… Don’t ever do that, don’t even type it as it was the worst advise ever (hence i actually posted this to the girl who wanted advise)

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You can enrol into classes that help you with confidence and being comfortable in front of the camera and choreography and performance skills

My advise is always to either to find a reputable agency or to try and find somebody that knows the industry, and usually I’d still advice a reputable agency.
I think classes are important at a young age for guidance, there are people like myself that are always happy to point you in the right direction, I find myself always on Facebook giving advice as  there are a lot of sharks online preying on new starters and that is the honest truth, so parents GET INVOLVED!

Don’t be scared off by what people are writing it is in fact a great industry to be in and as in any industry you choose to work there is always going to be ‘bitchiness‘ but that’s every where just don’t choose it be like that. And don’t let it get to your head if you do succeed..

If you have any questions and would like to know more, please feel free to contact me and I will blog more about commonly asked questions


As always

Signing off,

With Love

Joline Lootsma

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