Joline's Journey PT 1

My disfunctional life (pt 1)

From now on, this blog is like getting a look inside my life, a dear diary moment..

Date: 19.9.2017
Shit is about to get real, all names will never be the original names…

I am sitting here at 10:59 om stoned out of my brain and ate about 5 rolls of Oreos….. I need more weed to stop feeling so bloated, I started wondering if I should try a crack diet to balance it out…. I would not have to exercise (so lazy)

So tonight after a bad few days my goal was too get as stoned as possible and chase it witha few vals and rivitril..i thought i’d try it and see how long the lecture my mum will give me tomorrow ower the phone….
So relaxed, stuff therpapy, smoke a joint

So I started a FB page right, and on it is all this stuff I am selling and I have sooooo much to catalogue…

Date: 20.9.2017

So I wake up to a knock on my door at 6:30am (again) omg seriously my wake up time is like 10:00am… it’s driving me nuts

I tell my brother, don’t wake me… every morning come 6:30…. Jesus I think I am going to mess his time up ha ha

So reading back last nights stoned attempt to write didn’t go great… I literally crawled into bed after a Valium…. it’s a new thing I am trying, how stuffed up can I make myself ha ha (no it’s not)

I am in the back of an uber as we speak, debating if I should buy more weed, going with no ha ha ha (I’ll change my mind later)

Going to Bunnings… not buying anything I just like walking around and asking annoying questions about paint ( I don’t care about paint I am just bored)

Okay so I am selling a whole heap of stuff I am no where near finished adding all the things u have
Check it out, it’s literally got everything

And if you want to add anything, I’ll do all the work and advertising and all I ask is 10-% of the sale

It’s got kids clothes books everything and I only just started

So I am walking around on the Gold Coast as that’s where I live now and swapping 1000 lira (probably get $0.50)

Ohhh walking past bcf, massive fan

And maccas ok that’s my temple!!!

So, little bow wow is gracing us with his presence tonight ( I know I tought he was dead too)

Omg so tempted to walk through drive through at maccas

So, I am 34 still rocking the single life but lately I’ve been thinking it would be nice to go out on a date with someone… had someone in mind but don’t like sharing ductape

So, wondering if I should go back into modelling, they’ll probably just reject me

Oh well got to try

So, commonwealth decided to tell me to go to an exchange place, moron

Soft to my fav place to annoy people… BUNNINGS

I need a l people

With love

Signing off

Joline Lootsma 



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