Joline's Journey PT 1

Loving life in logan

Dear diary

8:48 pm, on a mission

You Guessing it: LoganLea

Loving life in Logan…. so my bro Mark asked me to come on a mish

So I just got off the special train (yes to Logan) and now in a cab

You seen these tv’s where you recharge your phone?

I am in love!!! 

Sit and recharge… I so should of made that coffee earlier I am thirsty af dude

So I keep laughing to myself of this little scrawny dude coming out the house with an axe trying to swing it at me? 

Then today he comes up to me because I told him he looked like a giraffe and monkey mated and made him and he threatened me with his sister ha ha ha what a sad sack 

No wonder some people have no friends 

I got insulted by some Asian lady today, she stole my wallet, I elbowed her in the chin so it’s even ha ha ha

Things I forgot to write:

That’s also on sale for you gamers

As always

Signing off



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