Joline's Journey PT 1

The world is filled with two faced people

Dear diary, holy crap it is Friday…. Ahhhhh the time is flying and not because I am having fun

semi- hung over…. but okay I think…

I need to get something of my chest ya’ll…. What is wrong with some people?

I abused some lady yesterday she came out of her house and told me that I couldn’t psrk on the street “PUBLIC PEOPLE” you don’t own in, damn renters with nothing to do!

And then the person I called bro just keeps going with the nasty messages, I am starting to go into a depression spiral…. all these nasty texts from someone who for 4 yrs you talk to like family….

Got a few drinks last night….

Saturday 30/9/2017 12:38

Just woke up, worst day yesterday, I come to what I thought was my room as I paid my rent, no no Mark Paterson the guy who for years was like a brother ( while I never met him) had some chick whose now living their with her boyfriend clean my room, they lend $20 of me few days before, think I got that back…. NOPE, and half the rent I paid… NOPE

This person is mentally disturbed.. he speaks badly of everyone behind their backs… oh he stole of a dealer…. desperate little junkie, glad to be out but he did it like a coward and in the worst way…..

I’ve been offered a place… which is so sweet, I really didn’t expect it at all… so something positive from the negative… don’t let one person cloud your judgement of good people out there…

OMG I have so much stuff, cant get my head around it

I was so angry yesterday I was admittedly in tears over the disappointment and calling peoples house where I am staying to cocktail up some lies, what so I’d be homeless…. so I may of contacted a few male on male sites on his behalf…… I couldn’t help myself


As always,


Signing off

With Love

Joline Lootsma




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