Joline's Journey PT 1

Repunzle let your hair down

First off. Rest in paradise Hugh

Monday 2/10/2017 another dear diary moment

Laying in bed, killer back… ts been so sore 

I’ve been offered a few rooms but might take Neil and Sam up on it… 

I need to be more like repunsel (like Drapht’s song)… I one dumb night got talked into POF

It’s giving me anxiety 

So it’s a dating site, I should sell my requests.. 
Now I really have to mention This

Rest in Paradise Hugh Hefner, I have always been a fan and even the show.. they’re will never anyone like Hugh… he’s made itbquat it is, my condolences to the bunny family and Crystal ( hopefully you get to read this one on your twitter I’ll tag you) 

Honestly seemed like a beautiful person that took care of everyone

He will definitely greatly missed

I don’t know how many of you remember, but the first Playboy
And how can we forget the Baywatch Pamela Anderson Lee
And then later on they decided to dona show about the life of the playboy girlfriends

Hugh Hefner was laid to rest at a private funeral

To read more about Her, please visit:

Hugh Hefner.  Click on that link
As we celebrate Hugh’s iefenand legacy

Got into the girls next door

Hugh was the biggest pimp alive
Signing off 

With love 



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