Joline's Journey PT 1


Tech9ne MAY DAY, Kendall Morgan, 

Kendrik Lamar, FRAGILE
Dear Diary moment,

11:56pm 9/9/2017

That’s the song I listen to whenever I need to calm the F*ck down

I am sure everyone has one

Awesome song

I didn’t know what strange music was until a few months back.. smart dude, reminds me of a ware wolf cross vampire, something I can’t put my finger on, the song dysfunctional is good too

There’s a flie in the bedroom, all I hear and I am about to pass out but can’t now

Ok flie has left the building – no no I was wrong!!!!! Omfg fml

Yup feeling fragile, no not really 

Damn- mask off by future is still stuck in my head….oh Its a love hate relationship 

Oh ha ha saw an old mate I haven’t seen in a while but known too long (nha) he was in solid form… ha ha ha FAIL!!!

That was probably best part of the night 

Feel like a coke spider… should be in fairy land very soon cocktailed it and calling it

Btw ever have a feeling for sticking your fork in someone’s eye because they believe haters so they become one

Don’t get me wrong I love my haters more then my fam lol kinda do… know I am doing something they’re not but wanted too.. oh axe men…  not as smart as I thought 

What’s the say about a leaperd: never changing spots… and ‘trust no one’ just became more of a reality

2:22 pm

Truth is, everything is in the past

So should that be….

I am going try and catch up with a friend and work out how to use twitter? 

As always

With Love signing off

Joline Lootsma


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