Joline's Journey PT 1

Woke up with my attitude Kanye

My theory: honestly I think Kanye is the biggest douche, lost it

But you know What he’s good…  smart..

I was watching the interview to Kanye and Ellen

Watch it:

There are few people in this world that are smart enough to think you’re slow or dumb slow but are so not as dumb as they come across


ok, do I honestly read what this app was about, yeh yeh good bloggers do their homework… oops again smoked begore.. literally can’t be f*cked, tell you this though that family is a tycoon… think of how they got famous… it’s insane
Shit, I am getting distracted by snap chat at the minute.. yeh definitely not screen shorting that…  omfg love the single thing.. think I need like… a little F boy on the side

Too busy too do the whole ‘Lets live together’ ‘ I ❤️u … I am sure is be Nice but I havent really got the best track record with men…hmmmm
Oh, so chick I know her daughter and I made this Skype stuff today, legit it’s like a chemistry set ha ha…. so that’s what I did this afternoon

She wants to do a little YouTube segment on there but I can’t seem to load

Any ways

Nice memory

So, I think I am addicted to these damn snapchat filters

I need Snapchat rehab lol

As always


Signing off,

With Love


Joline Lootsma


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