Meet the team

Meet the team

So here we are again, a dear diary moment It’s 5:32pm 26th October 2017 and a huge storm has been brewing the whole day, roomers of hail… so make sure your cars are covered or that your insurance policy covers that!
I know I haven’t been online much, lots going on… moving and looking for a new place and on top setting up something I’ve branded: we’ve got what you need (on Facebook) I will pop the link on here

Meet the team: Jacinta Mentes

Joline Lootsma (me) 
Where there’s a range on items from kids clothes and toys to fashion and beauty, shoes, you name it and if we don’t have something and you need someone to outsource something particular, please email me or message me 
Or we do gift basket for any occasion, tailored to each individual 
When I say: we, I bought my chicky friend of mine on board her name is Jacinta, she’s good with design, logos etc 

She taught herself how to do graphic designs

So, she’s a mad chick! 

Hopefully we will be moving soon and get a house with a room we use as our office

Very exiting things are happening, just cashflow is an issue – we’ll twork it out yo 
So I am in the car today and Jacinta decided to put on grease lightening and we signing top of our lungs (poor people that heard me)
Okay one last thing right, so POF or Plenty of Fish, I actually met Jacinta and she convinced me to get on the app the day I met her…. seriously… I am thinking of getting off it getting 100 hits a day isn’t normal… is it a scam? 
Shout out to a dear friend of mine whose like family, hope you’re ok mate and you know how to contact me… please keep ya head up, I am always here
As always 
Signing off 

Joline Lootsma 


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