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When you feel like you live four life’s

Real talk, 

I’ve been wanting to write about some of this for a while now but never know how to go about it. So I thought fuck it, I’ll start anywhere….
We’ve come a long way since we had MSN and MySpace… now we have so many, I truely can’t keep up… writing shit down doing spreadsheets for the buy sell page I am running

Ok going off track a bit here, I live four life’s and it’s exhausting… I don’t think it will ever change… but I keep them separate

There is: Joline Lootsma (Sister of two) Joline (that’s looking for the right way to do wrong things) Joline: Apparently the councillor and then the Joline (we don’t talk on phones) but always loyal and maybe a bit too brutally honest, if you don’t like it… I don’t need more friends so it’s cool by me

So, I was speaking to an old friend of mine and for the sake of his privacy his name on this blog will be Jason, I have known Jason for now five years (I actually had to count) I have never been through that much missions and crap with him then anyone else… but out of the bickering and calling each other some really bad names, shit it was brutal our fights, it’s been good talking to him, we’re both not like that anymore…. I remember spending like 6 days in a car with him just driving round with people in the back and we were senile, they definitely didn’t sign up for that



You know I am no angel, I am not convincing you that I am, I am human.. you can judge me  all you want, that’s your opinion that I don’t give two fifths of a fuck about it… I care about my opinion only

See everyone  blogs these blogs that are all just a bunch of shit they think that people want to hear for more followers, I am actually putting some real content out there of my life in this blog, yes I modelled from age 14 till 26… then became a Procurement Officer/Contract Analyst (BORING) and now I am starting up my own business, I need so much help… never want to ask anymore since that go fund me that everyone was like: yeh do it we’ll totally donate…. unless I have three friends on FB that didn’t happen.

As a chick I am sick to death of guys just telling m what I want to hear to get in my pants, ever since 15, I am done with it… What does my face glow fuck buddy only… which I am going to blog about… Seriously, some guys…. does that work??… ok for another time


Its been a long time since I have been treated like I should of been treated in relationships last 4 were on the ice, hitting it hard…. just lost their moral compass and blame everything on everyone else, and how connected they are…..

WTF is that about?, I don’t care who you know, and how big of a gangster he is… good for him? Wish we could build a brick mantion (like the movie) and just dump people in there ( harsh i know)

I just told my mum this story from when I was thirty years old (young ok)…. I was living in our second house that is attached to the main house, getting ready for meeting with a friend… I hear that dreaded knock (you know the one ‘cop knock’ and I had 5 of them surrounding me and 1 with his gun drawn?? because I failed to appear (which they double booked me and I sorted that out.. so their fault)

Why the gun?, they didn’t want to search my house, I asked if they wanted too, the idiots left the gate open and my fam dog Choppa got out, refused to get in until 5 of these cops found him

Queensland, Australia is definitely a unique state…. oh memories… start making new ones

Ok, so enough Dear Diary moment, worked tonight so I am going to crash hard

Just remember : Make your passion your pay cheque, and love your haters, always love your haters


This only a very small part of parts of my story I may share, no I don’t do it for the followers (clearly)

As always,

signing off,

With love

Joline Lootsma



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