The Journey

Moving on up

Merry New Year Everyone,

Hope everyone made it safely into 2018, and not with your head in the toilet the next day
i am 34, so I am getting way too old for that, so had a quiet one at home


2017 was a rough year and I spend moving around trying to find my feet (which didn’t go too well) but this morning is a new beginning and I am moving (for what I hope is for a while) with my lovely new family here in Queensland, Australia, and I am super exited all ready packed to go

Yesterday was my little sisters 21st Birthday, so a big milestone, and she’s grown into a beautiful woman, and she spend it in a hotel (hopefully not with her head in the toilet this morning) she may be 21 but I still think of her as that little girl following me around and thinking I was ‘the shit’


I remember watching Pitch Perfect two when it came out in the cinema’s and last night I went and watched Pitch Perfect three.  I have to say my favourite is still Pitch perfect one, two I thought was a bust and Pitch Perfect three I didn’t mind so much, but it was also a good distraction from being online on the ‘AfterPay’ app.


The AfetrPay app is like crack for shoppers, I can see myself blowing all my money away on designer shoes and phones and designer clothes and even…. a new bed and other furniture…. For you all that haven’t heard of it or haven’t been on it, you can shop till you drop online for pretty much anything and all you pay for that’s extra is the shipping and you pay it off over (i think) four fortnightly instalments (like i said crack for shoppers)


You can even buy airline tickets, and engagement rings, so I predict that soon instead of ‘gamblers anonymous’ they will have ‘AfterPay’ anonymous’ groups, where i’ll either be leading the group or an active member.


But check it out, you’ll see what I mean, and in no time you’ll be in the group with me!

Well, it’s time for me to start getting organised for the big move, so next time you’ll hear from me it will be from my new home, until then

Stay safe, and as always


Signing off,

With Love,

Joline Lootsma

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