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This page talks about every day issues we face, (yes i am trying to do bits and pieces here and there) so that’s bit of a journey

Feel free to contact me with any subject you would like bought to light

#itstartswithus is something i started in one blog, being bullied as a child to the point of being bullied out of high school and recently have been cyber bullied by females but also grown men! so this is something i will be blogging about a lot


My reason for this blog?, to tell it how I see it… if you have any questions or would like to be part of the #itstartswithus interviews, please email, if you have any questions or subjects you’d like to chat about….it’s not called ‘Let’s Talk’ for nothing…..I am Joline Lootsma….. and am always here… So let’s talk….

Let’s enjoy the journey together

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