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When you feel like you live four life’s

Real talk, 

I’ve been wanting to write about some of this for a while now but never know how to go about it. So I thought fuck it, I’ll start anywhere….
We’ve come a long way since we had MSN and MySpace… now we have so many, I truely can’t keep up… writing shit down doing spreadsheets for the buy sell page I am running

Ok going off track a bit here, I live four life’s and it’s exhausting… I don’t think it will ever change… but I keep them separate

There is: Joline Lootsma (Sister of two) Joline (that’s looking for the right way to do wrong things) Joline: Apparently the councillor and then the Joline (we don’t talk on phones) but always loyal and maybe a bit too brutally honest, if you don’t like it… I don’t need more friends so it’s cool by me

So, I was speaking to an old friend of mine and for the sake of his privacy his name on this blog will be Jason, I have known Jason for now five years (I actually had to count) I have never been through that much missions and crap with him then anyone else… but out of the bickering and calling each other some really bad names, shit it was brutal our fights, it’s been good talking to him, we’re both not like that anymore…. I remember spending like 6 days in a car with him just driving round with people in the back and we were senile, they definitely didn’t sign up for that



You know I am no angel, I am not convincing you that I am, I am human.. you can judge me  all you want, that’s your opinion that I don’t give two fifths of a fuck about it… I care about my opinion only

See everyone  blogs these blogs that are all just a bunch of shit they think that people want to hear for more followers, I am actually putting some real content out there of my life in this blog, yes I modelled from age 14 till 26… then became a Procurement Officer/Contract Analyst (BORING) and now I am starting up my own business, I need so much help… never want to ask anymore since that go fund me that everyone was like: yeh do it we’ll totally donate…. unless I have three friends on FB that didn’t happen.

As a chick I am sick to death of guys just telling m what I want to hear to get in my pants, ever since 15, I am done with it… What does my face glow fuck buddy only… which I am going to blog about… Seriously, some guys…. does that work??… ok for another time


Its been a long time since I have been treated like I should of been treated in relationships last 4 were on the ice, hitting it hard…. just lost their moral compass and blame everything on everyone else, and how connected they are…..

WTF is that about?, I don’t care who you know, and how big of a gangster he is… good for him? Wish we could build a brick mantion (like the movie) and just dump people in there ( harsh i know)

I just told my mum this story from when I was thirty years old (young ok)…. I was living in our second house that is attached to the main house, getting ready for meeting with a friend… I hear that dreaded knock (you know the one ‘cop knock’ and I had 5 of them surrounding me and 1 with his gun drawn?? because I failed to appear (which they double booked me and I sorted that out.. so their fault)

Why the gun?, they didn’t want to search my house, I asked if they wanted too, the idiots left the gate open and my fam dog Choppa got out, refused to get in until 5 of these cops found him

Queensland, Australia is definitely a unique state…. oh memories… start making new ones

Ok, so enough Dear Diary moment, worked tonight so I am going to crash hard

Just remember : Make your passion your pay cheque, and love your haters, always love your haters


This only a very small part of parts of my story I may share, no I don’t do it for the followers (clearly)

As always,

signing off,

With love

Joline Lootsma


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Glass half full

Monday 2nd of October 2017

Yet another dear diary moment….

I am just sitting here recapping what’s happened the last two and a bit weeks… oh yeh that’s right.. someone called himself my brother and I’ve helped get out of shit did the biggest dog act and threw me out so he could have dealers living there, free drugs for this person… great life goal mate

Not even all my makeup and my bomb ass hairstraightner iPhone back up charger cord lamps…


Honestly POF has scared me out of dating, seriously… the pickup lines are so 1970….

So yeh I joined, I didnt know that there were sooooo many single men on the coast??? WOW, some cuties…

I Honestly just got some disturbing messages

Check me out:

Oh I totally forgot

Oh and a Brent Tze and his date rape drug, waking up in hospital with tubes down my throats and after someone who you’ve known for so long  and once called sister  who all himself my brother tried to ruin my life and told me he was going to stab me. He can deny it all he wants I have it on messenger…  god some people need to lay of the ice a bit!!
All my makeup and clothes are boxed up, violated much?

Someone else other then myself cleaning , going through my thing and I dot think it’s all there…..  ‘

if i find stuff missing…. well

karma lives around the corner, all fury that bitch….. and I LOOOOOOOVE her!



Sunday 8/10/17  4:59 am

Dear dairy moments above…… uhm blame it on being stoned….and the temaze …

Ok gotto be honest….. I need too stop, too  stoned.  wish  i did this this blog prior… not as fun

Mad man twitching in the house  ha ha ha……… you know never believe what people tell you about other people, form your own opinion, I made that mistake even though it was a crazy situation but I also had a crazy person put it all on me and ran when something came swinging 

Turns out its an an act of love… ha ha ha …. swinging axes

So just quickly…. Please, anyone whose hooked on this game grand theft auto – the biker version? tell me what you think its about in your own words in real life but the every day 2017

I just really want to thank a family who took me in with open arms, and the support and offers places… really humbling to know!! I so so appreciate it… And Sam, guuuurl we gotto catch up!

Bless, to the guys looking out



PPS, anyone played it yet…ha ha


As always,

Signing off with love

Joline Lootsma

















Joline's Journey PT 1, Social Media Stories

Bullying doesn’t stop at kindy anymore

Good Evening good people,

How is everyone doing this Sunday late afternoon?

NSW is chilly, sitting on my lounge socks, yoga pants jumper and head phones with a large mug full of tea that i swear has no sugar in it but I am too lazy to actually get up and walk to the kitchen 2 meters away???

Lazy much??

Its Sunday, that’s my excuse today….. Looking like:


While I am tying I am listening to Snow Da Product, she has some really good tunes I don’t mind listening too while I type away…

Okay, so little has changed since i last wrote… so no longer in Melbourne, I think it’s one of the best moves made for 2017!  First off I got see my mumsie, which I love… She’s such a strong woman with the right amount of crazy mixed in…. I think i get a little of my crazy from her….. wonder who is worse at times lol

So the reason I thought i would write is I started doing some video blogs…. so Vlog?

It started yesterday when we got a call regarding my little sister who got threatened at her work by a… wait for it… mother with her child?  what’s wrong with the world people?  I mean there is 14 years difference between my sister and I and if i got threatened I’d understand but she is such a beautiful soul it took my by surprise… ready to book the next flight over…

This lead me to do a little video about bullying, I have been a target at school I remember it well, and even at age 34 people think they can plaster nasty things about me on FaceBook… which to be honest… doesn’t worry me… what can people say about me that hasn’t been said already?  But i am 34, there are kids out there that just get targeted for some dumb reason most people don’t even know…. So please teach your kids to not be a sheep and follow what everyone else is saying about someone and to form their own opinion…. and also that it’s ok to stand up for someone that is getting bullied that you don’t agree with

And if you’re a mother or father and you think it’s ok to give a young girl hell while you’re with your child because you’re having a bad day…. maybe think about this….your son or daughter that you’re doing it in front of…. one day it may happen to them!

Anyways for those who haven’t seen my first piece of armature of Vid blog

Here is the link:  Joline talks bullies

I also did a video where I talk about what I promise I would talk about at the end of this video…

I will also be doing a Blog on it as my Iphone decided to cut my video short….

I talk about narcissists and how it is to be in a relationship with one and how crippling and alone you may feel, but you’re not….. that’s how they want you to feel

So that’s something I will blog about next

And Peoples, all my girls my boys please feel free to message me and ask questions or any suggestions are always welcome

I don’t claim to be a professional blogger whatsoever, just a girl telling my story…


As always, Stay safe


Signing Off

With love,







Joline's Journey PT 1, Social Media Stories

Real talk, Arnie’s speech

Thought I would quickly tap into a speech that I found really humbling

You always hear about “I am a self made millionaire”, I think Arnie squashes that in this speech, sure you do the hard work yourself, but none of us can do it all on our own

It’s more then humbling hearing that regardless where we’ve come from, we all need each other

If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the hyperlink (Arnie’s speech)

Very touching

Arnie’s speech

Signing off,

Joline Lootsma