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Baby Hancock, Lover of MMA

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And finally we come to one of my favorite people in the world:

                                           Jose Ruiz (AKA BABY) 

Before we get into talking about #itstartswithus I need to get something off my chest real quick…  Baby (aka Jose) send me this picture of himself and Handcock (from the movie Hancock ft Will Smith) and as I have been trying to type this up I have been laughing my ass off  at what a dork he can be and what a clown he is, but Jose truely is within his own right our very own Melbourne Hancock as he has the same caring nature, and biggest heart (like the All-Heart logo in the film)  He doesn’t have his own costume but…. he has his very own bike (which yes he send me a picture of lol) check out the batman sign!, I love it
When I asked him if we could have quick chat about #itstartswithus I got some great pics from him so I have to show another one off
(see below)
Jose and The American Top Team – Link: https://americantopteam.com/
Now for those readers up to date with MMA (even those who have heard bits and pieces)”BEST MMA camp in the country!”– UFC Commentator by Joe Rogan (USA), check out the weblink provided to have a little sticky beak.
jose american top team.jpg
Jose is in black with the ‘American Top Team Family’ https://americantopteam.com/

Jose AKA Baby  I have been blessed to have met and now known for….. sigh….( I wont say how long he’d kill me) let’s just say since Fresh Prince was on TV (yes before Netfix) ha ha. 

Dude we old known eachother  19 years (i promised him I wasn’t going to write that) ha ha….

OMG He is so going to kill me for leaving that bit in..

Jose and I met through a mutual friend and went to the same highschool ‘Elwood Represent‘ … and like the 2pac song goes: you ain’t never had a friend like me… , and you never aint never had a friend like him ha ha
He is someone very special and anyone would be so blessed to have a friend like him He’s been a great help with  (that’s an understatement)  #itstartswihus

When I asked him about bullying, he honest is the first person I spoke too and here is a bit of his story:

Jose Ruiz grew up in Melbourne, in (for those playing at home, if you live in Melbourne, Vic, Australia you will know it well) Prahran flats (this is somewhere I have also lived myself).

Prahran flats was and still is rough … it’s always been grimy…dirty… but yet still home…rough… potentially dangerous (but yet still home)
Age nine was rough, Jose found himself getting caught up with some kids who ended up bullying him, which led him to the a journey that today he still lives and breathes “Mixed Martial Arts” – or MMA
 Jose and Martial Arts
Age 9 Jose got into, karate, kick boxing and juititsu which turned out to be a bit of a lifestyle that which to date is what makes him a supporter and a lover of MMA, and now as a father he also encourages his kids be part of martial arts

At age 9 he got picked on, this was while living at the Prahran flats,  Jose was always and still is a lover of Bruce Lee he decided to get into Judo (Judo originated in Japan as a derivative of the various martial arts )  not having had a father growing up Jose found his sensei (usually known by the Japanese as “teacher”) to be someone much more then just a teacher.  Learning about the psychology and respect behind the martial arts

Jose is really passionate about martial arts and explains its like a dance” and the poetry of limb manipulation, – how to read your opponent, never to “lower your eyes to an openent” and to use your opponents weight against them (you will find that a lot in jujitsu)

Being the lover and supporter of MMA Jose showed me a video that bought tears to my eyes (admittedly cried like a baby watching this)
In the end it is with thanks to these bullies (and admittedly a broken nose) and the tough rough living of Prahran flats that Jose is where he is today and is one of the biggest lovers I know of MMA I personally am a massive fan, and sit on my edge on my seat and are known to message eachother through a fight with the same line always (it’s poetry)
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Joline Lootsma
If you would like to be part of #itstartswithus  or have any questions please email me at any time: joline.lootsma@yandex.com


#itstartswithus, Anti Bullying Campaign

Let’s talk Bullies #itstartswithus Cody Bennier


Hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday, here I was thinking it was Monday??

Tonight we get to hear what Cody Bennier has to say about Bullies, so let’s get to know Cody Bennier (and you will see Teddy one of the cutest 10 week young puppy on planet earth)

Here goes….Getting to know a little about Cody

Full name is: Cody James Bennier and 20, yes girls and very single.

Cody has a seventeen year old sister ( who coincidentally named the cute puppy Teddy)

Teddy & Cody One for the Cam

Now while I know his hobbies include music and bikes, one thing he hates are bullies

I asked Cody if he would share with everyone about being picked on and this is what he had to say:

I was pick on since primary school then right in to high school I was pick on cos I have a disability and my weight

I have suffered from depression and anxiety from being bullied, friends doctors and family can help

If you’re being bullied at any age, tell someone, tell anyone that you trust

Bullying will never stop, that’s the unfortunate thing

There is this so called “trend” of trolling against each other (basically a dissing battle)

I asked Cody what his take was on trolling not just in general but also trolling battles:

People think they’re cool doing that, I hate that

I have to agree with Cody, I think it’s a waste of energy you could put towards doing something positive

I want to thank Cody Bennier (and Teddy) for being part of #itstartswithus

So many of us (whatever age) battle with how we look at ourselves and when you’re growing into an adult you have so many insecurities already, the last thing we need is to have someone else attacking us, we have to ask ourselves why the person says or does things (the psychology behind the bully)

I speak with Jose Ruiz (AKA Baby) on this subject of the psychology behind the bully

Please if you feel alone and/ or need someone to talk too there is a great team at BeyondBlue.


Alternatively you can call them on: 1300 22 4636 (24 hours and 7 days per week)

You can chat to them online also, or email them

Beyond blue is a great service they cater to everyone, so please don’t ever feel alone


You don’t have to hit for it to be domestic violence

Need assistance or want to find out more?


Thank you for everyone who is supporting #itstartswithus

Please remember #itstartswithus is something I came up with during a YouTube cast, then name kinds of stuck.. Let’s make it mean something #itstartswithus It doesn’t belong to me, let it belong to us.  Like the neighbourhood watch program, let this be that online…. Post it on your wall if you support it

Please email me or find me on Facebook if you would like to get involved or have any questions

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Its been a pleasure

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Anti Bullying Campaign


ALLERT: We have a serious bullying problem 

Hi Everyone, including the family pets

Hope all is going well with everybody, where ever you are today

On this cold Tuesday here in NSW evening, I have decided to yet blog again (insert evil laugh here)

As an older sister/sister, aunt Jo,Jo the crazy lady down the road and to some and just a general human being I needed to blog it out and say: STOP THE BULLIES!!!

Let’s take some time out people.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD PEOPLE?

Will bullying ever stop?

At what age does it stop?

Will bullying ever stop? No, I don’t see it happening unfortunately

At what age does it stop? I can’t answer that question daily as people even at 34 or 44  55 are still cyber bullying or text bullying… or when you beep your horn and got someone on a bad day.. they come out of their car (road rage to another level) is still being a bully in my eyes when you start punching people over a red light?

And unfortunately it is adults bringing kindergarten to adulthood and men are right up there cyber bullying woman and even in a face to face.. threats however they come is a form of BULLYING!

I am talking BULLIES…. ALL BULLIES and all types of BULLIES

Lets talk Kids and Teens

I am asking myself why are parents of bullies (not all, SOME) who have been made aware by the schools talking to their kids and saying this an ok way to behave?


It seems like some parents encourage it and seem proud of it…

So many kids are also being cyber bullied which is just horrible, if you have kids who are being bullied and don’t know what to do, or if you are being bullied and feel alone, please don’t ever feel alone… talk to someone (if not the school) parents, if not parents family, please don’t ever feel alone there are many ways you can talk to someone

Here’s my bullying story so maybe some may be able to relate

I changed schools year 11 from VIC to QLD and I was bullied out of my school for standing up for someone who was getting bullied also

Ended up being bullied by large girls from my school, and it’s never just one… it’s always unfair and always outnumbered…

Eight girls against me, the schools did nothing, absolutely nothing!… and I was a little lucky as I was modelling at the time which my mum was very supportive of so I was able to leave school and pursue that, but this cost me finishing my year 11 and 12 at the time

There are many of us out there who have been bullied and to this day are still getting bullied… YES ADULTS DO IT TOO?…

I’ve attached this youtube link below, that’s me talking about ZERO TOLERANCE FOR BULLIES (me talking about it)


And as someone who has and still gets her fair share still but have been very blessed with the great support of friends and friends who have become like family for the ZERO TOLERANCE against BULLIES OF ALL AGES..

We need to take a good look and see how it can leave a scar and how it can damage even kids as they grow up and into adults, I have spoken to people  (who share their story) who till this day still struggle with it and have some heartbreaking stories… so we can get through it but knowing that there is a support network so no one feels alone, especially kids and teens is something we need to bring awareness too

Being bullied or cyber bullied can lead even kids into depression, and worse, any one who needs to talk there are many great helplines out there

Contact: 1800 55 1800 – Kids and Teens help Line Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm


There is also Beyond Blue who if you are feeling overwhelmed they are very good to talk too

Contact: 1300 22 4636 ( with a daily web chat between3pm and 12pm) this is a 24 hour service


If you are a concerned parent there is also a good web site called that has free parental support from professionals

These  guys are fantastic


Know that there is always someone who you can talk too, never feel alone

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions

It starts with us

Hope every one has a great week ahead…

No one deserves to be bullied and harmed in any way!


As always,

Much Love

Signing Off,