Joline's Journey PT 1

Dear diary moments gone wrong 

Oh wow, biggest food baby to date, OK so to tell you about day, there might be some judgement but I’ll take it…
Dear Diary,

Woke up… additude all Kanye, trying too get my shit together her getting ready forchurch, which OK I just nodded off a little…it wasn’t boring, just so tired… feeling a little guilty


I ate so much cake and food and ice cream and after a sesh I wan food!!so it wore off super quick but i would love to be able to have another piece of cake but the pain; I swear to you I have arguments with myself in my head, one joline needs more, wondering why 4 sesh out of it not happy and want to eat more but eating food when it’s wearing off doesn’t feel the same the pain cramp right now, at a high
Still… cake … hmmm

I don’t know how you guys are my friends, I drive me crazy… pat on the back and self give to yourself… if I knew me I’d run the other way throwing up gang signs…

Then there’s the ‘she smokes’ WOW Factor’ How does it affect you?? It doesn’t if it bothers you, font read my blogs..
I tried on glasses… $560 for the frames 😱

So I got my church on today… I only just started….hey I met a pastor on ‘what’s hapn’ ok so nothing for me was happening

Then got onto pof… omg wtf?? 300 hits a day, is this a scam thing…. not that many guys in the Street or asking me on dates so that can’t be true…. think I have to unplug myself out of that on pof thing

Who’d have me, fuck I wouldn’t ha ha poor soul

I am going to love you and leave you

I took something (yes medication ) makes you sleep plus feel like your on a cloud

So going to ride that wave hope too anyways, hmmm cake tea and bed.. floating
Oh I am mashing an iron rep Tefal wanna know why… I’ll post a link

Ps, I am starting up a page on fb, I’ll provide the link below, for little hampers or gift boxes for special  occasion and price range.. I talk about it on YouTube so I’ll edit the link it

Till then

With Love

Signing off

Joline Lootsma