Beauty Products, Joline's Journey PT 1

Breaking Bad

5:58, on a Monday…

Another “Dear Diary” moment, in the life of Joline Lootsma

Officially dying of boredom…. I nearly cleaned my room I am that bored, but instead a ciggy and a coffee (crap I forgot to make that one)…

So, interesting weekend, me and another girl got swung at WITH AN AXE??by the guy over in the first unit.. Brad with the body of a 12 year old.. yeh guess yelling out that his meth lab in a unit wasn’t the smartest thing… but he’s the biggest douche…. and of course we had to see him at the bus stop today… I actually have a pic with him, I might post it on my next blog…. some people deserve it!

Guess his little meth fumes got to his head

So lucky me my phone screen smashed $150 to repair now it’s not recognising me sim card… so note to self…. never go to these little shops in the mall


Had a few people come round few days back, talked me into joining plenty of fish didnt they…. what in the world?  my phone’s going red hot…. I don”t think I am ready to date someone I don’t really know….. and the ones i know are taken FML!

The reason for my title: breaking bad…

It’s because my life hasn’t always been roses and sunshine… sometimes I feel like I am living it, then again sometimes I swear I am living sons of anarchy.. bit of an in betweener… life gets way too boring otherwise

breaking bad

So I set up this site (which I have been slack with and will continue with)

So I will also be adding a lot of woman clothing, and yes if you would like to see what it looks like on…. that can happen… it will be at a small fee

And men….. bikini’s and lingerie may be included ha ha ha

It will be advertised a lot more, also if you have anthing you would like to put on there… please contact me, I will make sure it gets out on bay and all sites and mine.. all I ask is a 10% of the sale.. but I will do all the work to get it sold.

I’ll start working on my youtube channel again, I have just been having a hard time

That is the link to the channel 🙂

So I ended going out with this dude Brent Temaze, he bought me this milkshake from maccas… and I woke up in hosptital with tubes down my throat…. go the date rape drugs am I right??

Honestly did I kill a chinamen in my other life?

6:25 pm, waiting for a mate to rock up to take me out of my bored state…. ah life…..

F it, lets send a text

Any of you guys used the app “WICKR ME?  try it

Oh phone went off…. nope plenty of fish again… I should really start looking at the messages, god I am slack..


Ok let me check these ‘plenty of fish messages’ maybe ill wake up in hospital again!!

As always

Signing off

With Love

Joline Lootsma