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The real me

This is that ‘dear diary’ moment again,
5:39 pm Thursday 12/10/2017

It’s 7:18 pm … stoned in a car, just ate a roll of Oreos (big fail) food baby but about to get some anyways… can’t say no to Orio

Omg I am in the car typing my life away, made it home, oh what no oreo run ?

Oh no, they’re walking back.. LEGENDS…Oh shit better remind them!

Age 14 is really when it all really began (life) being a finalist in back then most popular girl magazine (and always wil be) as a face of Dolly and we won all these prizes…  girl that won Taz won that year, the year after Miranda Kerr 

That’s a very small part about me

Friday 13/10/2017 1:29pm…

Boys ended up getting Pizza last night… I ate one by myself, man it was good

That’s what I used to get ready his morning

I tried this tooth powder stuff, taken some photos, I also have the black toothpaste which I’ll probably blog about next time

I soooo prefer the black one, seems to work better, but I’ll do that tomorrow I think

Just finished at the GP, he’s a mad little dude he asked me if I watched the show breaking bad ha ha ha so I pointed him to my blog as one of them is called: breaking bad – he was saying one of his patients couldn’t watch it as it reminded him of his own life…. hmmm wonder why I named my blog post ‘breaking bad‘?

1+1=2 not windows

What’s everyone doing tonight?

TGIG am I right, so still on ‘Plenty of fish’ that shit’s insane… I need a P.A so gonna meet up with someone I think later on with a friend of mine for the sake of the story I am calling her Tanya (I probably named her something else in my other blog) that’s the mistery.  Party it up maybe…. let’s hope

If not, shit us two know how to have a good time no matter what, sounds like it’s hectic already… trying to lose weight but in the Gold Coast heat I can even be bothered to walk to the fridge I am THAT lazy…. ha ha

So as my GP was talking to me I had to tell him about he story (which I talk about in my other blog) that Mark just got some random to pack my room up (except lingerie and my straighter and some other stuff) yes hats his real name I am not changing that one he can own it.. gp said, quote ‘dog move’ I like my gp he comes up with crazy ideas on how to make money since I can’t work… we googled Molly and percocet as I didn’t know what it was and it’s from that song by: Future

He was like oh if you can get it here we can prescribe it… yeh no so turns out no

One is MDMA so he advised to outsource that ha ha ha gold and maybe to get into debt collecting or become ‘his words exactly’ a plus size model ha ha ha ha… I was a little offended but hey he’d talk shit for days if he could… so collecting it is

So, that makes it busy time ahead today

Please check out the Facebook Page: wevegotwhatyouneed

More will be put on there and we can also sell whatever you need to get rid of, it says on the page how it works

We include Ebay and other sources

Love you and leave you,  I am obsesses with snapchat

Me, just before

Signing Off

With Love

Joline Lootsma 


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Glass half full

Monday 2nd of October 2017

Yet another dear diary moment….

I am just sitting here recapping what’s happened the last two and a bit weeks… oh yeh that’s right.. someone called himself my brother and I’ve helped get out of shit did the biggest dog act and threw me out so he could have dealers living there, free drugs for this person… great life goal mate

Not even all my makeup and my bomb ass hairstraightner iPhone back up charger cord lamps…


Honestly POF has scared me out of dating, seriously… the pickup lines are so 1970….

So yeh I joined, I didnt know that there were sooooo many single men on the coast??? WOW, some cuties…

I Honestly just got some disturbing messages

Check me out:

Oh I totally forgot

Oh and a Brent Tze and his date rape drug, waking up in hospital with tubes down my throats and after someone who you’ve known for so long  and once called sister  who all himself my brother tried to ruin my life and told me he was going to stab me. He can deny it all he wants I have it on messenger…  god some people need to lay of the ice a bit!!
All my makeup and clothes are boxed up, violated much?

Someone else other then myself cleaning , going through my thing and I dot think it’s all there…..  ‘

if i find stuff missing…. well

karma lives around the corner, all fury that bitch….. and I LOOOOOOOVE her!



Sunday 8/10/17  4:59 am

Dear dairy moments above…… uhm blame it on being stoned….and the temaze …

Ok gotto be honest….. I need too stop, too  stoned.  wish  i did this this blog prior… not as fun

Mad man twitching in the house  ha ha ha……… you know never believe what people tell you about other people, form your own opinion, I made that mistake even though it was a crazy situation but I also had a crazy person put it all on me and ran when something came swinging 

Turns out its an an act of love… ha ha ha …. swinging axes

So just quickly…. Please, anyone whose hooked on this game grand theft auto – the biker version? tell me what you think its about in your own words in real life but the every day 2017

I just really want to thank a family who took me in with open arms, and the support and offers places… really humbling to know!! I so so appreciate it… And Sam, guuuurl we gotto catch up!

Bless, to the guys looking out



PPS, anyone played it yet…ha ha


As always,

Signing off with love

Joline Lootsma