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Merry New Year Everyone,

Hope everyone made it safely into 2018, and not with your head in the toilet the next day
i am 34, so I am getting way too old for that, so had a quiet one at home


2017 was a rough year and I spend moving around trying to find my feet (which didn’t go too well) but this morning is a new beginning and I am moving (for what I hope is for a while) with my lovely new family here in Queensland, Australia, and I am super exited all ready packed to go

Yesterday was my little sisters 21st Birthday, so a big milestone, and she’s grown into a beautiful woman, and she spend it in a hotel (hopefully not with her head in the toilet this morning) she may be 21 but I still think of her as that little girl following me around and thinking I was ‘the shit’


I remember watching Pitch Perfect two when it came out in the cinema’s and last night I went and watched Pitch Perfect three.  I have to say my favourite is still Pitch perfect one, two I thought was a bust and Pitch Perfect three I didn’t mind so much, but it was also a good distraction from being online on the ‘AfterPay’ app.


The AfetrPay app is like crack for shoppers, I can see myself blowing all my money away on designer shoes and phones and designer clothes and even…. a new bed and other furniture…. For you all that haven’t heard of it or haven’t been on it, you can shop till you drop online for pretty much anything and all you pay for that’s extra is the shipping and you pay it off over (i think) four fortnightly instalments (like i said crack for shoppers)


You can even buy airline tickets, and engagement rings, so I predict that soon instead of ‘gamblers anonymous’ they will have ‘AfterPay’ anonymous’ groups, where i’ll either be leading the group or an active member.


But check it out, you’ll see what I mean, and in no time you’ll be in the group with me!

Well, it’s time for me to start getting organised for the big move, so next time you’ll hear from me it will be from my new home, until then

Stay safe, and as always


Signing off,

With Love,

Joline Lootsma

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2018 – The year of no DickPicks

New Years resolution…(S)….. Do we ever stick to it??


11:21 pm, not long till new year strikes and we bring in 2018!

I don’t know about you, but I thought 2017 was going to be a good year, FAIL… so no expectations really…. best way

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New Years resolutions, and do we stick to them?

I have decided that my new year resolution is more of a demand, having being single for over a year now, one reason because last few have ruined it for the rest and secondly and as important is that social media has screwed any fun out of the dating scene, it’s made it a platform for instead of getting asked out for dinner to wake up on an empty stomach with a dick pick…. not even a “hello” or even an introduction (not that this would make any difference) it’s just there? it’s a step up on a whole new level of guys whistling at you as they drive by?  Like? You don’t even stop…. what am I meant to do with that?….

And I don’t know, I don’t know any one who enjoys getting them, from some you know may? most you don’t.

And have the nerve to start talking like I am going to make my way over to you to do something with it? NO, you lazy s.o.b’s, honestly, there’s not even an element of trying there, like I am lazy af….I can guarantee you I am not making an get….. use a hand,  try it on every other girl you know.. I don’t know… (probably already send the same pic to 50 other woman and see who takes the bait) honestly ladies, does anyone go for this?

This brings me to my resolution, yes I have had a bad judgement on men since 2010 ( all before that treated me right and was all respectful) Then its just been a domino affect of loserville and dickpick central… and I don’t send nudes.. no… and if I want to see it, I will in the flesh on my watch and trust me not with dick picks or just plain “find a quiet place” you don;t even know me most of you! so this has put me off the whole putting myself out there…. I am sure I am not alone on this….  call me a prude… or a slut…. either way they both don’t describe me…. everyone can have their fun…. I am sure we’ve all been there but if you think it’s been through pictures.. dude you’re so wrong

In 2018, there’s a lot of changes I want to make personally and need to be made, but in keeping up with this topic and spirit of dickpicks and guys just assuming by sending dirty text and that’s all I want…  No, I am putting it out there… POF scared the shit out of me, there are not that many single guys for starters over 100 a day and so many cant be that devious, you weren’t raised right….

My first resolution in public as a plea

  1. stop with the pictures…. It’s actually just made me think that much less of you and it’s never going to happen
  2. Heard of asking a girl out on a ‘date’ and actual date…… be a gentleman, if you can’t be, go try that lame shit on someone else
  3. That’s it, it would be nice to meet or already know someone who would ask and wasn’t some sleazy prick about it, it’s disrespectful and I don’t roll that way…
  4. And I appreciate when you say you’re not after anything serious, I may not be either but I would like the possibility(if I tell you) that something could come from it

And this isn’t to every male out there, no

There are gentleman out there, this is not for you, the 1% that exists, this is for the other 99%

11:50 pm

I am thinking I should of done a dickpick collage of 2017 but 1. I don’t keep them, and it would of taken too long and it would of taken up some pages plus publishing it…. and I couldn’t be bothered either (just being honest)

So, 2018…. If another resolution is to put myself out there again, I think I deserve more then the now out dated, so 2017 dickpick!

Thank you

11:54pm…. Happy New Years Everyone

Much Love,

Joline Lootsma

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Gold Coast University Hospital



This morning I had to call the ambulance as I wasn’t able to really walk, and also had a little incident, my right foot started drooping also and I remember the GP in Sydney telling if that was to happen to call   hospital asap

Day prior I had a fall, and on the day a little bit of a slip (admitting I did over emphasise it not by much)  just in shock and unusual amount of pain, shooting down my right leg with tingles.. Unable to stand on my toes…. This is all very much out of the ordinary especially with losing bladder control

The ambulance didn’t take too long to come and didn’t ask for my details (which turns out in my case was a blessing) as they gave me the green whistle which seem to help the nerve pain go from an 8 to a 6



At (yes still here gone to short stay) 3:25pm  wet the bed advised i was in too much pain to walk (which the Ambulance knew yet wrote on the chart walked to the stretcher)???? I have a witness that can confirm that this is not the case

I was then advised by nurse too bad basically and walked off……

I buzzed again, again i had an accident and moving the sheets around due to discomfort i dropped my phone and I now cannot even turn it on, it is absolutely useless, Iphone 6s Plus!

I then buzzed again, 3:55 he ((Paul) returns with a purple gown and a nappy tells me to change into that and walked off worth the curtains open

He has been friendly to all other patience except for myself and its like I am an inconvenience to the staff   who get paid to do this and have no empathy


4:00pm now, i have just buzzed my buzzer, this nurse hasn’t even asked if I required assistance wit the gown or putting a nappy on (Christina is this nurses name)


All of this has been based 100% on the judgement that I have had prior history of being in hospital (and the first DR who I saw in short stay advised me so in front of a whole bunch of other nurses but in the last 4 months I have attended this hospital (which I forgot as my car accident has affected my short tem memory) because I had been date raped and when i came to in the morning on the street I walked to the nearest house and asked them if they could call an ambulance… 8 hours later I woke up in this hospital with tubes down my throat and the ambulance report said i was found on the street with  heap of drug paraphernalia around me (which is 100% false) as records will show I walked with nothing on me to a house and waited at the house for the ambulance to come

My prior medical history that labels this hospital me a junkie is because few years back I had valid reasons for going to hospitals, ) had  lost a baby (and worst hospital besides this one and QUEII) had to remove it after 10 weeks, I kept calling saying to the triage I think something is wrong, they told me spotting and the amount was normal… Next day I had lost my baby

I have had endometriosis I was in hospital for that and then when i still had pain and had a pain specialist and had all these procedures done I was just given pain medication back in 2009 and I’d build a tolerance so they’d give me more and higher dosages, and the worst thing is…hospitals treat it like I am the pill popping junkie (they don’t look at why and what I had done for the pain and the specialists who keep shoving pills and higher dosages down your throat)… And i was put on high doses of pain meds in 2010 by my DR and that led to an issue… I have had a legitimate reason to come here today and i am being treated by the DR on call and now this male nurse like a junkie…. I am in copious amount of pain…. And no one wants to help…. I cant walk I couldn’t when the ambulance came… The DR had things prescribed for my pain, the minute my history pops up I have been treated in the most un professional and disgusting manner

‘I was in a private hospital in 2010 due to a liver issue and they removed half and my gallbladder also (another time in hospital)

I was raped w few years back and was in hospital for that ….. I want to write this even though it;s very embarrassing for me but to show that the system doesn’t give two shits, they see a red flag and they give you panadol for NOT BEING ABLE TO WALK AND WETTING THE BED, now as I have had a massive car accident and i think its made it worse and this id part of it, you can shove your panadol up your ass, lady had a sore leg and got a shot of morphine!…. I am getting a fake ID, so I get treated like a person


I am still waiting for my male nurse Paul and I can hear him laughing about it in the next room and I pressed the buzzer a while ago so i am laying in my own urine which staff here seem to find funny…. And  not enough to bother to do their job!

I am ashamed laying here.. I cant make any calls because of my phone which I hold the hospital 100% responsible for

The lady few beds up just pressed her buzzer,  he came straight away… And just walked past mine… This is absolutely disgusting behaviour…. And I really do have to go to the bathroom now and its to the point where I feel like just wetting the bed,…..

I can hear this nurse gasbagging to the other nurse about his girlfriend and having a good old laugh while i am laying here not only in pain, pissed off  that my phone broke… But that he keeps walking past helping everyone but myself….


4:20pm – my female DR came to see me, whilst the male nurse told me I was fine and going home just waiting on physio i then get told by my female DR that i am awaiting CT scan


4:35 A nurse by the name of Christina opened the curtain as I was laying still in my urine and trying to figure out how to put on this nappy as ( i later found out i was having issues as it was an XXL one i was having problems) I told her I’ve been laying in my own urine for a long time now and having issues as I didnt know how to put the nappy on she stood beside my bed and instructed me, she saw how much troubles i was having but refused to help…. I advised her about my phone incident and she then responded with: it was broken  when you came in

Now Christina wasn’t present at all, that was the first time I had seen her, I told her it had a scratch on it, now its completely broken  to the point where I can’t turn it on, and smashed and the middle button i cant press or numbers i cant press, I received a lot of attitude, she also said.. You can get up and walk to the toilet…. So  i had a fall….Christina, you should be fired… Or be trained and go through what people like myself go through and also get the attitude, what a sour piece of work!


The time is now 7:48pm… I have been here since the morning and have been given: Nurofen and panadol (one time of each)…  This is all due to pre-judgement and it is absolutely the moat disrespectful and judgemental hospital…. I didn’t come here asking for pain medication, I came in, in panic mode because: I’VE LOST FEELING IN MY LEGS AND BECOME A BED WETTER!!!.


I have seen four separate DR’s who have told me three separate things

7:58pm, I have been given 5mg of Endone and 1x Ibrufen when I have 20mg of Oxynorm for breakthrough pain on top of Targin 3x daily and muscle relaxants for the nerve damage in my face and spine


8:33, still nothing…… Four Doctors, 2x brufen, 1 Endone in total and i am at a 8 in pain


I can’t contact anybody, because of the phone being smashed (yes Christine I blame the hospital)

I am wearing a fucking nappy when you could of done a bed pan or since you made go in those wheel chairs how about putting a pan under it!!!


I am over buzzing the buzzer as its the same answer every time, oh still looking into it!!!!

How about we change positions, and ill leave you hear from 11am till 8:37 and tell you ill look into it?

I have repeated my story over four times, and yes the car accident left me with L3L4L5 facial and spinal nerve damage so can you imagine how much pain I am in now??


Have some empathy, if you don’t go work at Maccas or be a cleaner (jobs where you don’t need customer service)….


8:40 pm, so I buzzed the buzzer…. Paul previously suggested he’d get the DR as he was still on….. Hour goes by so I buzz again and it’s like he totally forgot and said ‘I shall grab him now’

I advised him I want not to be here anymore, this I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, his response.” I think it was all lost in translation”….. Well LUCKY ME!!, and I am sure I am not the only one that goes through this

When I told him how i had a fall, how I was treated and no one has compassion, his response was: yes some staff just don’t get it….and have no empathy…..

There it is folks, from a staff member himself, and I told him what I am telling you, THEN THEY NEED TO FIND A JOB WITH NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9:01pm, Paul advised me that the DR’s wont see me and the medication I was promised by 4 diff dr’s, well basically they lied…. Apparently the CT scan came back with NOTHING WRONG!!!!, I had a CT scan done 2 months ago and then 5 months prior, it’s never come back with “NOTHING WRONG”!

And I was advised due to my previous attendance here and the report is why they wont do anything else, except for physio in the morning…. But no pain relief…… Even after I have had a fall

That statement was completely fabricated and if that’s looked into properly so help me god that is 100% falsified statement!


I advised I wanted to go home as they’re doing F all

And this case shouldn’t been based on a previous attendance, that is so not fair whatsoever…. Especially when I cannot feel my legs and wetting the bed ever now and then…. But the test come back fine!!!!!


I have had medication in my bag this whole time and not touched, I have had the worst run this year and this is just a top up of ‘I am done”


So, if I don’t wake up in the morning……  Peace

Joline Marcy Lootsma


P.s, I blame QPS….. I chose to associate with whoever I want, and I know you f*ckers are behind some shit…….  Apparently it was them who did the report for this hospital the first time, lying f*ckers


Its them who put me at fault with my accident when anyone who saw the pic knew it wan’y my fault, yes I had to give way but I couldn’t see the idiot as he was flying at 80km around the bend, and this is how I have to suffer…. Please don’t protect and serve me or my family!!

I have many more eg  but why bother

GCUH, you’re a bunch of judgemental incompetent soulless robots……  Imagine this happening to your daughter!!!!!!  Different story then!!!!!!




Gold Coast University Hospital

3.8  (161) · General Hospital

Southport QLD · 1300 744 284


From <>



9:15 pm, signing off


Joline Lootsma




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When you feel like you live four life’s

Real talk, 

I’ve been wanting to write about some of this for a while now but never know how to go about it. So I thought fuck it, I’ll start anywhere….
We’ve come a long way since we had MSN and MySpace… now we have so many, I truely can’t keep up… writing shit down doing spreadsheets for the buy sell page I am running

Ok going off track a bit here, I live four life’s and it’s exhausting… I don’t think it will ever change… but I keep them separate

There is: Joline Lootsma (Sister of two) Joline (that’s looking for the right way to do wrong things) Joline: Apparently the councillor and then the Joline (we don’t talk on phones) but always loyal and maybe a bit too brutally honest, if you don’t like it… I don’t need more friends so it’s cool by me

So, I was speaking to an old friend of mine and for the sake of his privacy his name on this blog will be Jason, I have known Jason for now five years (I actually had to count) I have never been through that much missions and crap with him then anyone else… but out of the bickering and calling each other some really bad names, shit it was brutal our fights, it’s been good talking to him, we’re both not like that anymore…. I remember spending like 6 days in a car with him just driving round with people in the back and we were senile, they definitely didn’t sign up for that



You know I am no angel, I am not convincing you that I am, I am human.. you can judge me  all you want, that’s your opinion that I don’t give two fifths of a fuck about it… I care about my opinion only

See everyone  blogs these blogs that are all just a bunch of shit they think that people want to hear for more followers, I am actually putting some real content out there of my life in this blog, yes I modelled from age 14 till 26… then became a Procurement Officer/Contract Analyst (BORING) and now I am starting up my own business, I need so much help… never want to ask anymore since that go fund me that everyone was like: yeh do it we’ll totally donate…. unless I have three friends on FB that didn’t happen.

As a chick I am sick to death of guys just telling m what I want to hear to get in my pants, ever since 15, I am done with it… What does my face glow fuck buddy only… which I am going to blog about… Seriously, some guys…. does that work??… ok for another time


Its been a long time since I have been treated like I should of been treated in relationships last 4 were on the ice, hitting it hard…. just lost their moral compass and blame everything on everyone else, and how connected they are…..

WTF is that about?, I don’t care who you know, and how big of a gangster he is… good for him? Wish we could build a brick mantion (like the movie) and just dump people in there ( harsh i know)

I just told my mum this story from when I was thirty years old (young ok)…. I was living in our second house that is attached to the main house, getting ready for meeting with a friend… I hear that dreaded knock (you know the one ‘cop knock’ and I had 5 of them surrounding me and 1 with his gun drawn?? because I failed to appear (which they double booked me and I sorted that out.. so their fault)

Why the gun?, they didn’t want to search my house, I asked if they wanted too, the idiots left the gate open and my fam dog Choppa got out, refused to get in until 5 of these cops found him

Queensland, Australia is definitely a unique state…. oh memories… start making new ones

Ok, so enough Dear Diary moment, worked tonight so I am going to crash hard

Just remember : Make your passion your pay cheque, and love your haters, always love your haters


This only a very small part of parts of my story I may share, no I don’t do it for the followers (clearly)

As always,

signing off,

With love

Joline Lootsma