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When you feel like you live four life’s

Real talk, 

I’ve been wanting to write about some of this for a while now but never know how to go about it. So I thought fuck it, I’ll start anywhere….
We’ve come a long way since we had MSN and MySpace… now we have so many, I truely can’t keep up… writing shit down doing spreadsheets for the buy sell page I am running

Ok going off track a bit here, I live four life’s and it’s exhausting… I don’t think it will ever change… but I keep them separate

There is: Joline Lootsma (Sister of two) Joline (that’s looking for the right way to do wrong things) Joline: Apparently the councillor and then the Joline (we don’t talk on phones) but always loyal and maybe a bit too brutally honest, if you don’t like it… I don’t need more friends so it’s cool by me

So, I was speaking to an old friend of mine and for the sake of his privacy his name on this blog will be Jason, I have known Jason for now five years (I actually had to count) I have never been through that much missions and crap with him then anyone else… but out of the bickering and calling each other some really bad names, shit it was brutal our fights, it’s been good talking to him, we’re both not like that anymore…. I remember spending like 6 days in a car with him just driving round with people in the back and we were senile, they definitely didn’t sign up for that



You know I am no angel, I am not convincing you that I am, I am human.. you can judge me  all you want, that’s your opinion that I don’t give two fifths of a fuck about it… I care about my opinion only

See everyone  blogs these blogs that are all just a bunch of shit they think that people want to hear for more followers, I am actually putting some real content out there of my life in this blog, yes I modelled from age 14 till 26… then became a Procurement Officer/Contract Analyst (BORING) and now I am starting up my own business, I need so much help… never want to ask anymore since that go fund me that everyone was like: yeh do it we’ll totally donate…. unless I have three friends on FB that didn’t happen.

As a chick I am sick to death of guys just telling m what I want to hear to get in my pants, ever since 15, I am done with it… What does my face glow fuck buddy only… which I am going to blog about… Seriously, some guys…. does that work??… ok for another time


Its been a long time since I have been treated like I should of been treated in relationships last 4 were on the ice, hitting it hard…. just lost their moral compass and blame everything on everyone else, and how connected they are…..

WTF is that about?, I don’t care who you know, and how big of a gangster he is… good for him? Wish we could build a brick mantion (like the movie) and just dump people in there ( harsh i know)

I just told my mum this story from when I was thirty years old (young ok)…. I was living in our second house that is attached to the main house, getting ready for meeting with a friend… I hear that dreaded knock (you know the one ‘cop knock’ and I had 5 of them surrounding me and 1 with his gun drawn?? because I failed to appear (which they double booked me and I sorted that out.. so their fault)

Why the gun?, they didn’t want to search my house, I asked if they wanted too, the idiots left the gate open and my fam dog Choppa got out, refused to get in until 5 of these cops found him

Queensland, Australia is definitely a unique state…. oh memories… start making new ones

Ok, so enough Dear Diary moment, worked tonight so I am going to crash hard

Just remember : Make your passion your pay cheque, and love your haters, always love your haters


This only a very small part of parts of my story I may share, no I don’t do it for the followers (clearly)

As always,

signing off,

With love

Joline Lootsma


Meet the team

Meet the team

So here we are again, a dear diary moment It’s 5:32pm 26th October 2017 and a huge storm has been brewing the whole day, roomers of hail… so make sure your cars are covered or that your insurance policy covers that!
I know I haven’t been online much, lots going on… moving and looking for a new place and on top setting up something I’ve branded: we’ve got what you need (on Facebook) I will pop the link on here

Meet the team: Jacinta Mentes

Joline Lootsma (me) 
Where there’s a range on items from kids clothes and toys to fashion and beauty, shoes, you name it and if we don’t have something and you need someone to outsource something particular, please email me or message me 
Or we do gift basket for any occasion, tailored to each individual 
When I say: we, I bought my chicky friend of mine on board her name is Jacinta, she’s good with design, logos etc 

She taught herself how to do graphic designs

So, she’s a mad chick! 

Hopefully we will be moving soon and get a house with a room we use as our office

Very exiting things are happening, just cashflow is an issue – we’ll twork it out yo 
So I am in the car today and Jacinta decided to put on grease lightening and we signing top of our lungs (poor people that heard me)
Okay one last thing right, so POF or Plenty of Fish, I actually met Jacinta and she convinced me to get on the app the day I met her…. seriously… I am thinking of getting off it getting 100 hits a day isn’t normal… is it a scam? 
Shout out to a dear friend of mine whose like family, hope you’re ok mate and you know how to contact me… please keep ya head up, I am always here
As always 
Signing off 

Joline Lootsma 

Joline's Journey PT 1

Dear diary moments gone wrong 

Oh wow, biggest food baby to date, OK so to tell you about day, there might be some judgement but I’ll take it…
Dear Diary,

Woke up… additude all Kanye, trying too get my shit together her getting ready forchurch, which OK I just nodded off a little…it wasn’t boring, just so tired… feeling a little guilty


I ate so much cake and food and ice cream and after a sesh I wan food!!so it wore off super quick but i would love to be able to have another piece of cake but the pain; I swear to you I have arguments with myself in my head, one joline needs more, wondering why 4 sesh out of it not happy and want to eat more but eating food when it’s wearing off doesn’t feel the same the pain cramp right now, at a high
Still… cake … hmmm

I don’t know how you guys are my friends, I drive me crazy… pat on the back and self give to yourself… if I knew me I’d run the other way throwing up gang signs…

Then there’s the ‘she smokes’ WOW Factor’ How does it affect you?? It doesn’t if it bothers you, font read my blogs..
I tried on glasses… $560 for the frames 😱

So I got my church on today… I only just started….hey I met a pastor on ‘what’s hapn’ ok so nothing for me was happening

Then got onto pof… omg wtf?? 300 hits a day, is this a scam thing…. not that many guys in the Street or asking me on dates so that can’t be true…. think I have to unplug myself out of that on pof thing

Who’d have me, fuck I wouldn’t ha ha poor soul

I am going to love you and leave you

I took something (yes medication ) makes you sleep plus feel like your on a cloud

So going to ride that wave hope too anyways, hmmm cake tea and bed.. floating
Oh I am mashing an iron rep Tefal wanna know why… I’ll post a link

Ps, I am starting up a page on fb, I’ll provide the link below, for little hampers or gift boxes for special  occasion and price range.. I talk about it on YouTube so I’ll edit the link it

Till then

With Love

Signing off

Joline Lootsma

Joline's Journey PT 1

The real me

This is that ‘dear diary’ moment again,
5:39 pm Thursday 12/10/2017

It’s 7:18 pm … stoned in a car, just ate a roll of Oreos (big fail) food baby but about to get some anyways… can’t say no to Orio

Omg I am in the car typing my life away, made it home, oh what no oreo run ?

Oh no, they’re walking back.. LEGENDS…Oh shit better remind them!

Age 14 is really when it all really began (life) being a finalist in back then most popular girl magazine (and always wil be) as a face of Dolly and we won all these prizes…  girl that won Taz won that year, the year after Miranda Kerr 

That’s a very small part about me

Friday 13/10/2017 1:29pm…

Boys ended up getting Pizza last night… I ate one by myself, man it was good

That’s what I used to get ready his morning

I tried this tooth powder stuff, taken some photos, I also have the black toothpaste which I’ll probably blog about next time

I soooo prefer the black one, seems to work better, but I’ll do that tomorrow I think

Just finished at the GP, he’s a mad little dude he asked me if I watched the show breaking bad ha ha ha so I pointed him to my blog as one of them is called: breaking bad – he was saying one of his patients couldn’t watch it as it reminded him of his own life…. hmmm wonder why I named my blog post ‘breaking bad‘?

1+1=2 not windows

What’s everyone doing tonight?

TGIG am I right, so still on ‘Plenty of fish’ that shit’s insane… I need a P.A so gonna meet up with someone I think later on with a friend of mine for the sake of the story I am calling her Tanya (I probably named her something else in my other blog) that’s the mistery.  Party it up maybe…. let’s hope

If not, shit us two know how to have a good time no matter what, sounds like it’s hectic already… trying to lose weight but in the Gold Coast heat I can even be bothered to walk to the fridge I am THAT lazy…. ha ha

So as my GP was talking to me I had to tell him about he story (which I talk about in my other blog) that Mark just got some random to pack my room up (except lingerie and my straighter and some other stuff) yes hats his real name I am not changing that one he can own it.. gp said, quote ‘dog move’ I like my gp he comes up with crazy ideas on how to make money since I can’t work… we googled Molly and percocet as I didn’t know what it was and it’s from that song by: Future

He was like oh if you can get it here we can prescribe it… yeh no so turns out no

One is MDMA so he advised to outsource that ha ha ha gold and maybe to get into debt collecting or become ‘his words exactly’ a plus size model ha ha ha ha… I was a little offended but hey he’d talk shit for days if he could… so collecting it is

So, that makes it busy time ahead today

Please check out the Facebook Page: wevegotwhatyouneed

More will be put on there and we can also sell whatever you need to get rid of, it says on the page how it works

We include Ebay and other sources

Love you and leave you,  I am obsesses with snapchat

Me, just before

Signing Off

With Love

Joline Lootsma