Joline's Journey PT 1

I watch ER, I should be a DR

Good afternoon everyone,

As I sit here on my balcony shivering away wondering to myself if I should use my new writing powers  for good or evil I haven’t decided as I am desperately puffing away on my again found friend: The cigarette

Some of you may know I stopped smoking months ago, but have decided to again light my dear friend Mr Cigarette


I watch ER, so I think that should qualify me to be a regular general practitioner here in NSW Australia!  I went to the GP today and this has reassured me that watching ER makes me as much of a specialist as them, in other words a joke, either that or my GP wants me to die.

That spider I mentioned in my earlier blog I think was the cause of my massive bite mark


Now, what I failed to take a photo of was the size it was two days before that

My qualifications to become a GP are none, but then again I wouldn’t give someone antibiotics either (yes that’s what I got given)  a good friend of mine however came to the rescue and told me: Lucas’s pawpaw ointment (I know how many of us love the word ointment)as he explained Lucas’s papaw ointment drains the fluid out


That bought another idea to mind, have you ever noticed how every woman and her dog has Lucas’s papaw ointment in her handbag or makeup purse?

And now men know the secret also, which brings me to my next point….

lucasHas anyone ever seen a Lucas papaw ointment commercial? I went on a hunt…. there isn’t one legit Lucas’s papaw ointment commercial or add at all, they rely on word of mouth and yet like I mentioned earlier every woman and her dog (and now it seems husband) all know about the great secret!

Needless to say it came to my rescue

But like an idiot I also filled the script, and took them too!

As I am sure I am not the only one feeling like their GP is either ripping them off or in my case trying to kill them

My suggestion is to definitely watch ER and please everyone carry a tub of Lucas’s papaw ointment (there is that word again) on hand or for those times you get bitten and your GP gives you antibiotics, I thought antihistamine would of done the job just fine in my defence… but what would I know I got my certificate from watching midday TV

As always

With Love

Signing off,

Joline Lootsma