Joline's Journey PT 1

Princess and the pea

No rest for the wicked

I have officially been up for 46 hours anxiously glancing at my clock and wondering why the hell I am not sleeping?

Fair enough that i feel like the title – Princess and the pea

The car accident that happened last year is really starting to take a hit on this 34 year old body, having said that I live in Pennant hills, NSW  so if you know of a good doctor, please drop me a line as faith needs to be restored when it comes to your local GP

‘Sorry, back pain?… Can’t help (what you meant to say was that you WON’T) that in itself is enough to keep me up

Clock reads 1:07 am and I know I kind of quit smoking (always have a pack on hand) but that lighter is burning a hole in my pocket and as much as I am telling myself to stay away the thought of that first drag is really playing mind tricks on me

Oh what the heck, I just totally talked myself into it… Let’s take this computer outside (in the dark on the balcony) gosh I am a closet smoker ha ha (you can only laugh at yourself)

I decided tonight that it is a good time to download a game app, remember when CandyCrush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga first came out and you send people lives and AngryBirds was a massive hit?

‘Words with friends’ was one of my favourite, I actually think I will download it again and see if anyone is up for a little midnight 101 word sesh (doesn’t that sound romantic?)

Which brings me to the subject everyone seems to fear….. SINGLE!

Yes I am still rocking the ‘single lifestyle’ and loving it!

Having said that…. I miss having  someone there to kill the spiders for me, vacuuming them up doesn’t actually kill them (I came to this conclusion last nigh)

1:20 am and wide awake, still!

This is the most dangerous time for those shopping apps, where everything is super cheap and when it arrives you wonder what the hell do you need a sushi maker for? (I am not confirming if this happened to me ha ha)

1:22 am,  I need to looksleep into a good meditation app (the tone of voices bother me)

A friend of mine suggested an app called: Calm

This is the app below which lets you download it for free

I usually fall asleep to the noise of old comedies that I have watched before, something feels settling about the familiar laughter

I am in desperate need of some well needed beauty sleep, I am starting to look old

Camille tea, that would of been good, if I actually thought of it while being at the shops today

Desperately searching under the mattress for what I was hoping to be a pea that’s causing discomfort, but no

2:01 am, let’s call it a night,


As always

Keep Safe

Signing Off,

With Love

Joline Lootsma