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2018 – The year of no DickPicks

New Years resolution…(S)….. Do we ever stick to it??


11:21 pm, not long till new year strikes and we bring in 2018!

I don’t know about you, but I thought 2017 was going to be a good year, FAIL… so no expectations really…. best way

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New Years resolutions, and do we stick to them?

I have decided that my new year resolution is more of a demand, having being single for over a year now, one reason because last few have ruined it for the rest and secondly and as important is that social media has screwed any fun out of the dating scene, it’s made it a platform for instead of getting asked out for dinner to wake up on an empty stomach with a dick pick…. not even a “hello” or even an introduction (not that this would make any difference) it’s just there? it’s a step up on a whole new level of guys whistling at you as they drive by?  Like? You don’t even stop…. what am I meant to do with that?….

And I don’t know, I don’t know any one who enjoys getting them, from some you know may? most you don’t.

And have the nerve to start talking like I am going to make my way over to you to do something with it? NO, you lazy s.o.b’s, honestly, there’s not even an element of trying there, like I am lazy af….I can guarantee you I am not making an get….. use a hand,  try it on every other girl you know.. I don’t know… (probably already send the same pic to 50 other woman and see who takes the bait) honestly ladies, does anyone go for this?

This brings me to my resolution, yes I have had a bad judgement on men since 2010 ( all before that treated me right and was all respectful) Then its just been a domino affect of loserville and dickpick central… and I don’t send nudes.. no… and if I want to see it, I will in the flesh on my watch and trust me not with dick picks or just plain “find a quiet place” you don;t even know me most of you! so this has put me off the whole putting myself out there…. I am sure I am not alone on this….  call me a prude… or a slut…. either way they both don’t describe me…. everyone can have their fun…. I am sure we’ve all been there but if you think it’s been through pictures.. dude you’re so wrong

In 2018, there’s a lot of changes I want to make personally and need to be made, but in keeping up with this topic and spirit of dickpicks and guys just assuming by sending dirty text and that’s all I want…  No, I am putting it out there… POF scared the shit out of me, there are not that many single guys for starters over 100 a day and so many cant be that devious, you weren’t raised right….

My first resolution in public as a plea

  1. stop with the pictures…. It’s actually just made me think that much less of you and it’s never going to happen
  2. Heard of asking a girl out on a ‘date’ and actual date…… be a gentleman, if you can’t be, go try that lame shit on someone else
  3. That’s it, it would be nice to meet or already know someone who would ask and wasn’t some sleazy prick about it, it’s disrespectful and I don’t roll that way…
  4. And I appreciate when you say you’re not after anything serious, I may not be either but I would like the possibility(if I tell you) that something could come from it

And this isn’t to every male out there, no

There are gentleman out there, this is not for you, the 1% that exists, this is for the other 99%

11:50 pm

I am thinking I should of done a dickpick collage of 2017 but 1. I don’t keep them, and it would of taken too long and it would of taken up some pages plus publishing it…. and I couldn’t be bothered either (just being honest)

So, 2018…. If another resolution is to put myself out there again, I think I deserve more then the now out dated, so 2017 dickpick!

Thank you

11:54pm…. Happy New Years Everyone

Much Love,

Joline Lootsma

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Repunzle let your hair down

First off. Rest in paradise Hugh

Monday 2/10/2017 another dear diary moment

Laying in bed, killer back… ts been so sore 

I’ve been offered a few rooms but might take Neil and Sam up on it… 

I need to be more like repunsel (like Drapht’s song)… I one dumb night got talked into POF

It’s giving me anxiety 

So it’s a dating site, I should sell my requests.. 
Now I really have to mention This

Rest in Paradise Hugh Hefner, I have always been a fan and even the show.. they’re will never anyone like Hugh… he’s made itbquat it is, my condolences to the bunny family and Crystal ( hopefully you get to read this one on your twitter I’ll tag you) 

Honestly seemed like a beautiful person that took care of everyone

He will definitely greatly missed

I don’t know how many of you remember, but the first Playboy
And how can we forget the Baywatch Pamela Anderson Lee
And then later on they decided to dona show about the life of the playboy girlfriends

Hugh Hefner was laid to rest at a private funeral

To read more about Her, please visit:

Hugh Hefner.  Click on that link
As we celebrate Hugh’s iefenand legacy

Got into the girls next door

Hugh was the biggest pimp alive
Signing off 

With love 


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Real talk, Arnie’s speech

Thought I would quickly tap into a speech that I found really humbling

You always hear about “I am a self made millionaire”, I think Arnie squashes that in this speech, sure you do the hard work yourself, but none of us can do it all on our own

It’s more then humbling hearing that regardless where we’ve come from, we all need each other

If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the hyperlink (Arnie’s speech)

Very touching

Arnie’s speech

Signing off,

Joline Lootsma

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Business, Body Building and Chapelle

So, I was meant to start writing a write maybe a few hours ago, but got a little caught up

This isn’t just Girl Talk… It all started with me wanting to join a group (remain nameless)and I have never before come across this but had to fill out a form why I wanted to join the group and another question.. felt like it was a job application?…

And why do you think you are suitable for this role?

I thought it was funny, I don’t remember what I wrote other then: I was curious..

Surprisingly approved?

Which brings me to Part 2… I was having a general scroll to see what the FB peeps were doing and there is a page I’ve liked a while ago and this is also very much in relationship to bodybuilding and competing… and there was an interview on the podcast with Mark Grech and him having an interview a person who has made quite the impact in the industry and respected by many and I hear have also had a great impact in their careers: FB PAGE: AUSSIE MUSCLE ASYLUM, Interview Post: Mark Grech Ifbb Bro

The post Mark announced who he was interviewing and to discuss the rumour of Chapelle Corby competing in this years nationals…  and any questions that anyone had to write them… but all the post weren’t relating to that at all?

So I wanted to know, in any case that this could be true (in which case I am seeking a sponsor to go up against her) how it would actually have an impact

I got out of the post and scrolled down to a friends page…. and had to repost it, as it stated: Dear Australia Media.  Re Chapelle Corby deportation from Indonesia.  We do not care…. Regards, Everyone.

Best post I have seen all day, but on a serious tip if  anyone wants to sponsor me to compete…  drop us a line

Signing off,

Joline Lootsma